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Scientific Reassessment of Old Medical Sources Can be a Futuristic Approach for New Opium Addiction Drug

Mohsen Naseri | Niki Vakili Zahir | Shabnam Khatami | Azadeh Mizani

Date :  2019/04/24
Publish in :    8th National Congress on Medicinal Plants

Keywords :Opium, Addiction, persian medicine

Abstract :
treatment of addiction. Hyoscyamus niger, has been used as a medicine since last centuries and has been described in all traditional medicines. It applies as a herbal medicine. Hyoscyamus niger has pharmacological effects like antisecretory, urinary bladder relaxant, spasmolytic, hypnotic, hallucinogenic, pupil dilating, sedative and antidiarrheal properties. Iranian physicians have named it Bazrolbanj or Banghdaneh and they applied it for several propose. They also used Hyoscyamus niger to abstinent therapy of opium addict persons. The most important references of traditional persian medicine has electronic databases including Pubmed, Science Direct, Elsevier, SID, Magiran, and Google Scholar and articles published were selected. According to the traditional persian medicine, hyoscyamus niger is the best replacement therapy for gradually quitting opioid addiction. About 30 medicinal herbs have been introduced by prominent persian scholars for treating opium addiction. Prominent persian scholars were the first to discuss various ways of opium addiction treatments. Some of which have been emphasized to have rehabilitation effects via clinical trials. A scientific review of persian scholars other proposed methods and terms can result in new treatment for opioid

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