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.A New Phytochemical Investigation on Two Iranian Endemic Species of Salvia L

Marzieh Fotovvat | Tayebeh Radjabian | Azra Saboora

Date :  2019/04/25
Publish in :    هشتمين کنگره ملي گياهان دارويي

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Keywords :Salvia aristata, Salvia chorassanica, Tanshinone I, Tanshinone IIA

Abstract :
Genus Salvia with over 58 species in Iran, 17 of which are endemic, is one of the largest members of the Labiatae family 1. Salvia aristata Aucher ex Benth. and S.chorassanicaBunge.aretwo of the Iranian endemic species of Salvia that only grow in Iran 1. However, recently S.aristatahas been found in the area of Turkey 2.Tanshinones are abietane-type norditerpenoidquinone compounds that until now, the roots of S.miltiorrhiza and Perovskia abrotanoides Kar. have been introduced as the main sources of these valuable medicinal compounds. This study was performed to identify and to determine of tanshinone I, tanshinone IIA and cryptotanshinone in the rootextracts of S.aristata and S.chorassanica by HPLC and LC-MS methods for the first time.Based on our results, the roots of both studied Salvia specieswererich sources of tanshinones. The highest content of tanshinoneI (36±2.24 mg/g DW) and tanshinone IIA (2.02±0.16mg/g DW) was detected in the roots of S.aristataand S.chorassanica, respectively. Also the presence ofcryptotanshinone wasconfirmed in the root extracts of both species by LC-MS.As a general result, some Iranian Salvia species could be introduced as new potent sources of tanshinone derivatives in order to medicinal, food and industrial purposes.

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