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Impact of climate of habitat location on quantity and quality of phytochemical compounds of some Purslane populations of Iran

Daryush Talei | narjes labaf | Amirmohammad Naji

Date :  2020/01/25
Publish in :    شانزدهمين کنگره زراعت و اصلاح نباتات ايران

Keywords :ترکيبات فيتوشيميايي،خرفه، گياهان دارويي

Abstract :
PortulacaoleraceaL.isone of the most important medicinal plant belonging to Portulacaceae family, which exhibited a wide scope of pharmaceutical properties such as pain killer, antipyretic, anti-viral and anti-fungal. In this study, 18 purslane populations were collected from different regions of the country and their geographical location was recorded in terms of altitude, longitude and latitude and average rainfall and average temperature of habitat. To evaluate the quantity and quality of phytochemical compounds, seed samples were extracted using hexanes and analyzed by GC-MC. The GC-MC results showed that there were 10 - 31 phytochemical compounds between different accessions.The highest percentage of 9,12,15-octa decarionic acid compound was found in Qazvin accession with 83.1 and andthe lowest percent was found in Taleshaccession with 38.1. The highest purity percentage was related to tetra decanoic acid with 99 in most of the accession and the lowest purity was glycerine 1,3dioline in Qazvin accession.The results showed that the percentage of phytochemicals decreased with decreasing altitude and relative humidity.In general, phytochemical diversity information would be useful in the management of Portulacaoleraceacollection from origin of diversity and selecting parents from populations with high phytochemical diversity for hybridizationbreeding programsand breeding can be the first step in breeding and producing highyielding varieties with suitable medicinal properties for the pharmaceutical industry of the country and can be utilized for preservation and maintaince the germplasm of this medicinal plant.

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