Shahed University

Evaluation of Accuracy of Conventional Visual, Spectrophotometric and 3D Scanning Methods by Using Two Shade Guide Systems

Reza Sayyad Soufdoost | Fatemeh Emam | Homeira Ansari Lari | Ali Ghomi Ghomi | Mohammad Alihemmati

Date :  2019/11/13
Publish in :    Scientific Archives of Dental Sciences

Keywords :Accuracy; Reliability; Shade Guide; Spectrophotometer; 3D Scanner

Abstract :
Aim of the Study: The aim of this study was to compare conventional visual shade determination, an intraoral spectrophotometer and 3D scanner to determine accuracies and interrater agreement of these three methods. Methods: In the visual method, 59 examiners (29 of them were specialists in prosthodontics and conservative dentistry and 30 were dental students) with normal color vision calibrated by control shade tabs taken from the two shade guides (VITAPAN Classical and VITAPAN 3D Master). Each tab was matched 3 times to determine repeatability of visual examiners. The spectrophotometric and 3D scanning shade matching was performed by one trained examiner under the same standardized test conditions using an intraoral spectrophotometer and 3D scanner with three repetitions for each tab. Results: Results revealed that 3D scanning (81.4) and spectrophotometric (77.8) methods had greater accuracy than the visual method (38.7). Also, the 3D scanner and spectrophotometer, exhibited significantly better interrater agreement as compared to the visual method without any significant difference between two instrumental methods. Besides, results revealed that specialists had greater accuracy (48.1) than the dental students (33.4). Conclusion: 3D scanning and spectrophotometric methods for color shade matching was more reliable than the visual methods tested.