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Evaluation of Scientific Productivity of Researchers in Cognitive Sciences in Iran and Globe

Hamzehali Nourmohammadi | Abdolreza Noroozi Chakoli | Rajabzadeh         Saeid

Date :  2020/06/01
Publish in :    پژوهشنامه علم سنجي

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Keywords :Keywords:Cognitive Science, scientific productivity, scientometrics, Iran, Science production

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AbstractPurpose:The purpose of this study was to identify and evaluate the research productivity of researchers, universities and institutes in the field of cognitive science in Iran. in accordance with the goals and nature of this subject, this is methodological applied research, and documentary and survey methods were used to perform it. Methodology:The Statistical community of this research includes all re-searchers, universities and research institutes in the field of cognitive science in Iran that have published articles on the Web site from 1983 to 2017. The num-ber of articles studied in this research is 1317, and they were done by 94 re-searchers. Furthermore, in order to determine the weight and importance of each of the indicators, we benefited from the opinions of 30 scientific research ex-perts and subject specialists as a part of the research community through ques-tionnaires. In relevance to the research questions, Web of Science, Google Scholar and questionnaires containing 10 questions for assessing the research productivity of researchers and universities in the field of cognitive science, were used as the data gathering tools, these tools were previously verified by faculty members and experts. Due to a coefficient of 0.96 obtained by Cronbachs alpha, the questionnaire’s reliability was confirmed.Answering questions and testing the research hypothesis were done at two levels of descrip-tive and inferential statistics. At the level of descriptive statistics, frequency, average and standard deviation were used. At the level of inferential statistics, statistical tests of variance analysis, the minimum difference of significance and Friedman were used. Excel and SPSS software were used for this job. Findings:According to the research findings, the ranking of research produc-tivity of researchers, universities and institutes in the field of cognitive science in Iran is as follows:The University of Tabriz (with a weighted sum of 848.3) ranked first. The Univ Tehran Med Sci (with a weighted sum of 572.4) was ranked second. Amirkabir University (with a weight score of 519.9) took the third place. Conclustion:The results show that the indexes of Q1, Q2 & H-Index of re-searchers in the field of cognitive science are of great importance.

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