Shahed University

Fast motor bus transfer impact analysis in industrial plants, a dynamic perspective

Ghasem Ranjbari | Mahdi Akhbari | Ahad Kazemi

Date :  2020/10/01
Publish in :    Electric Power Systems Research
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Keywords :Fast bus transfer, Transient behaviors, Electromagnetic torque, Load modeling, System stability, Industrial application

Abstract :
One approach to deliver a dependable electrical power supply is fast bus transfer (FBT). In this method, electrical power of equipment is supplied through two sources and if the power to the main source is interrupted, the system will switch to the standby power supply. To make this process fast enough in order to avoid any interruption, it is necessary to use special equipment. Industry standards have defined many criteria to protect motors from transient dynamic forces, which may be induced during fast bus transfers, however since the introduction of these standards, many researchers have doubted their effectiveness for protecting motors, therefore new researches have been conducted to validate the functionality of these standards. In this paper, different aspects of FBT are analyzed, but the focus of this paper is dynamic analysis and its impact on motors lifetime. Different influential factors in a successful FBT are analyzed and new recommendations are made.