Shahed University

Effect of Denture Cleansing Solutions on Retention of Two Types of Overdenture Attachments

Ali Ghomi Ghomi | sayed shojaedin Shayehg | Seyed Mohammad Reza Hakimaneh | Farinaz Khodadadkashi | Niknaz Yahyazadehfar | Mohammad Alihemmati

Date :  2019/10/05
Publish in :    مجله دندانپزشکي جامعه اسلامي دندانپزشکان ايران=Journal of Islamic Dental Association of Iran- تغييريافته به: Journal of Iranian Dental Association

Keywords :Denture Cleansers, Denture, Overlay, Oral Hygiene

Abstract :
Background and Aim: There is lack of information regarding the effect of different denture cleansing solutions on the retention of attachments. This study aimed to assess the effect of denture cleansing solutions on the retention of Dalbo-Plus and Locator attachment systems. Materials and Methods: This study evaluated 160 attachments including 80 Locator and 80 Dalbo-Plus attachment systems. The attachments were mounted in acrylic resin blocks and were subjected to a universal testing machine to measure their baseline retention. Each attachment system was randomly divided into four groups for immersion in cleansing solutions namely water, 5 sodium hypochlorite diluted 1:10, Dentipur denture cleanser, and Corega denture cleanser for a period of time corresponding to 6 months of clinical service. The attachments’ retention was measured again after the immersion period. Data were analyzed using ANOVA and Tukey’s test. Results: The retention of Dalbo-Plus attachments in water and Dentipur was significantly higher than that in other solutions (P0.05). The Locator attachments had the highest retention in Dentipur followed by water, Corega, and sodium hypochlorite. The retention of Locator attachments was significantly higher than that of Dalbo-Plus in all solutions (P0.05). Immersion of attachments in Dentipur increased their retention. Locator attachment showed higher retention than the Dalbo-Plus irrespective of the type of cleansing solution. Conclusion: Dentipur can serve as a suitable denture cleanser since it increased the retention of attachments. Corega decreased the retention of attachments and should be used with care