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L-arginine low dose can elevate menopausal estrogen

Manizheh Karami | Fatemeh Lakzaei | Mohammadreza Jalali Nadoushan

Date :  2019/10/30
Publish in :    بيست و چهارمين کنگره فيزيولوژي و فارماکولوژِي ايران

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Keywords :Key Words: L-arginine, Low dose, Ovarian cyst, Menopausal, Estrogen

Abstract :
Background and Objective: Menopause in women always has consequences like infertility, hot flashes, sleep disorders, and so on. In menopause, the ovaries are cystic, the estrogen hormone decreases and the LH increases. Studies have also shown that nitric oxide (NO) level in postmenopausal women is reduced due to decreased estrogen level. In this study, L-arginine, which has already been shown to have anti-aging effects, is used to elevate the estrogen level. Materials and Methods: Elder Wistar rats with menopausal polycystic ovaries, which was identified by Pap smear to be in the diestrus phase, were randomly classified into control and L-arginine groups. The control received saline (1 mL/kg) for three consecutive days intraperitoneally. The experimental group received L-arginine identified doses (5, 25, and 50 mg/kg, i.p.) for three consecutive days. At the end, anesthesia was performed and the blood was collected and the estrogen level was measured. Ovaries were biometrically were examined, and were fixed in the formalin. They were stained by H&E and the ovarian cysts were counted microscopically. The data were analyzed by the ANOVA. Results: The control group has statistically a meaningful number of cysts with low level estrogen. L-Arginine low doses of (5 and 25 mg/kg) showed to reduce the cyst and increased the estrogen level. Conclusion: L-arginine can increase estrogen levels in menopausal rats and also reduce the number of cysts in the ovary, so, L-arginine can be candidate to be used to improve menopausal symptoms.

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