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Successful pregnancy and weight loss management in a woman unknowingly pregnant at the time of bariatric surgery: a case report

Alireza Khlaj | Fatemeh Ghadimi | Majid Valizadeh | Maryam Barzin

Date :  2020/02/10
Publish in :    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth
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Keywords : Bariatric surgery, Pregnancy, Sleeve gastrectomy, Contraception, Obesity

Abstract :
Background: Preventing unintended pregnancy is an important issue for women undergoing bariatric surgery, not only to avoid an adverse fetal outcome but to also ensure maximum weight loss for mother. Current guidelines strongly advise to use a reliable method of contraception following surgery and to delay pregnancy for 12–18 months after surgery. Case presentation: We present the case of a woman who underwent laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy while she was unknowingly pregnant. She was monitored closely throughout her pregnancy for maternal-fetal wellbeing and delivered a healthy full-term girl. At her last follow-up visit 6months post-delivery, both mother and infant were in good general condition and the mother achieved 94.4 excess weight loss. Conclusions: In all-female patients of childbearing age planning to undergo bariatric surgery, pregnancy should be avoided by using a reliable method of contraception well before surgery. Pregnancy should also be excluded on the day of surgery.

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