Shahed University

Effects of magnetized nutrient solution on the growth and some physiological properties of rose (Rosa hybrida)

Iman Rohollahi | Seyed Jalal Tabatabaei | Ahmad Faridnia

Date :  2021/03/31
Publish in :    علوم و فنون باغباني ايران

Keywords :electromagnetism, hydroponic, magnetized, rose

Abstract :
This experiment was conducted to consider the effect of nutrient solution magnetized under four treatments of electromagnetic field (0, 20, 40 and 80 GAUSS) on growth, physiological specifications and nutrient elements of two rose cultivars (Samurai and Laxor) in the form of factorial in format of completely randomized design with three replications. In every experimental unit, four bushes were implanted in pumice medium and were nourished with nutritional solution by digital timer in open system. The results showed that pH and EC Of the solution slightly reduced. Length of the flowering branch meaningfully increased in treatment 40 for Samurai cultivar 23 and treatment 20 for Laxor cultivar 16. Diameter of the branch meaningfully increased in treatment 40 for Samurai cultivar 22 and treatment 20 for Laxor cultivar 10. Increment of leaf area of two cultivar was meaningful and the amount of it in treatment 40 was 68. Cultivars phosphorous concentration and flower longevity were reduced. Flower number, calcium and nitrogen concentration, and leaf chlorophyll and flower color indices werent affected. Consequently this kind or intensity of field despite of improvement of vegetative specifications, because of flower longevity reduction is not Recommendable.