Shahed University

Exact Physical Design of Quantum Circuits for Ion-Trap-based Quantum Architectures

Robert Wille | Oliver Keszocze | Naser Mohammadzadeh

Date :  2021/02/01
Publish in :    24th Design, Automation and Test Europe Conference

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Keywords :physical Design, Ion trap technology

Abstract :
Quantum computers exploit quantum effects in a controlled manner in order to efficiently solve problems that are very hard to address on classical computers. The ion-trap-based technology is a particularly advanced concept of realizing quantum computers with advantages with respect to physical realization and fault-tolerance. Accordingly, several physical design methods aiming at realizing quantum circuits to corresponding architectures have been proposed. However, all these methods are heuristic and cannot guarantee minimality. In this work, we propose a solution which can generate exact physical designs, i.e., solutions which require a minimal number of time steps. To this end, satisfiability solvers are utilized. Experimental evaluations confirm that, despite the underlying computational complexity of the problem, this allows to generate minimal physical designs for several quantum circuits for the first time.