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Robust and Stable Flow Shop Scheduling Problem Under Uncertain Processing Times and Machines Disruption

Zeinab Abtahi | Rashed Sahraeian

Date :  2021/04/04
Publish in :    International Journal of Engineering Transactions A: Basics

Keywords :Machine Breakdowns, Processing Time Variability, Robust, Scheduling, Stable, Two Machine Flow Shop System

Abstract :
This paper presents a predictive robust and stable approach for a two-machine flow shop scheduling problem with machine disruption and uncertain job processing time. Indeed, a general approach is proposed that can be used for robustness and stability optimization in an m-machine flow shop or job shop scheduling problem. The robustness measure is the total expected realized completion time. The expected sum of squared aberration between each jobs’ completion time in the realized and initial schedules is the stability measure. We proposed and compared two methods to deal with such an NPhard problem; a method based on decomposing the problem into sub -problem and solving each sub - problem, and a theorem-based method. The extensive computational results indicated that the second method has a better performance in terms of robustness and stability, especially in large-sized problems. In other words, the second method is preferable because of the better manufacturer responsiveness to the customer and the production staff satisfaction enhancement.

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