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Nonlinear Control Analysis of Sensors Effect and Line Resistance for Current Sharing and Voltage Regulation in DC Microgrids

Mehdi Mosayebi | Seyedmohammad Sadeghzadeh

Date :  2020/12/16
Publish in :    2020 Smart Grid Conference

Keywords :nonlinear droop, current sharing, voltage regulation, DC-DC converter, smart home

Abstract :
This paper proposes a new nonlinear droop control to improve voltage regulation and current sharing among paralleled DCDC converters in the DC-Microgrid (DCMG) in the Smart Homes (SHs). Line impedances can degrade the performance of the conventional droop methods in the current sharing among parallel DCDC converters in the DC-Microgrids in the SHs. Moreover, sensing errors of the voltage and current in the DCMG can influence the current-sharing among parallel converters. The novel nonlinear proposed method improves voltage regulation and current sharing among the DC-DC converters by considering the effect of line impedance and sensing errors, which is an important issue in practical applications. The suggested method can guarantee the desire current sharing from light-load to the heavy-load conditions in a stand-alone DCMG. Finally, theoretical analysis and Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) experimental results are validated the effectiveness and applicability of the proposed control approach for different scenarios.

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