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Methyl jasmonate and Ag+ as effective elicitors for enhancement of phenolic acids contents in Salvia officinalis and Salvia verticillata, as two traditional medicinal plants

Tayebeh Radjabian | Seyed Alireza Salami | Aghdas Pesaraklu

Date :  2021/06/02
Publish in :    South African Journal of Botany
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Keywords :Methyl jasmonate, Salvia verticillata, Salvia officinalis, Ag+ ions, Phenolic acids, Gene expression

Abstract :
Phenolic acids are one of the most valuable groups of bioactive compounds in Salvia species. In this work, the effect of MeJA (50 μM) and AgNO3 (15 μM) on the phenolic acids accumulation and the expression of some crucial genes involved in the synthesis of these compounds were evaluated in two Salvia species of Iran, S. officinalis and S. verticillata, as the two rich sources of phenolic acids. Twelve-leaf plantlets of the each examined Salvia species were foliar sprayed with 50 μM MeJA and 15 μM AgNO3 until they were entirely soaked. The leaf samples were then harvested after 0, 4, 8, 24, 48, and 72 hours of treatment for analyses. Results demonstrated that the application of MeJA and Ag+ considerably enhanced the accumulation of four predominant phenolic acids of rosmarinic acid (RA), caffeic acid (CA), salvianolic acid B (Sal-B), and salvianolic acid A (Sal-A) in both of the assessed species. Furthermore, Ag+ was more effective than MeJA to induce the phenolic acids accumulation in the studied Salvia plants. The expression of the principal genes (PAL, TAT, HPPR, RAS, and CYP98A14) in both of the phenylpropanoid and tyrosine pathways were affected by MeJA and Ag+ in the examined Salvia species. Our findings showed that expression levels of TAT and CYP98A14 were significantly correlated with phenolic acids production in both of the studied species after elicitation with MeJA. The results provided new information on the putative genes for the production of phenolic acids in the tested Salvia species under the elicitation of MeJA and +Ag.

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