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Impact of Family Support Program on Depression of Family Caregiver of Hospitalized Patients in Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

Masumeh heidari | Reza Norouzadeh | Seyedeh Sadat Mashhadi | Seyedeh Navabeh Hosseinkhani

Date :  2021/06/02
Publish in :    Health Education & Health Promotion

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Keywords : Family Caregiver; Depression; Anxiety

Abstract :
Aims Hospitalization in the cardiac care unit often imposes many physical and psychological tensions on the family. This study aimed to determine the effect of information support on depression of family caregivers of patients admitted to the cardiac intensive care unit. Materials & Methods This quasi-experimental study was performed on family caregivers of patients admitted to the cardiac care unit of Sevom Shaban Hospital of Damavand city, Iran, 2020. Participants included 60 family caregivers who were assigned to intervention and control groups. Family caregivers in the intervention group received information support through a training booklet, and the control group received the same routine information. Data collections were conducted by a demographic data sheet and anxiety and depression questionnaire (HADS). The data were then analyzed using SPSS 18 software. Findings The two family groups (intervention and control) showed different levels of depression after the information support intervention (p=0.02). Wilcoxon’s signed-rank test showed that the mean depression of family caregivers after the intervention was 4.63±2.67 compared to the mean depression of 6.50±3.01 in the control group (p0.05). Conclusion During the patient’s stay in the cardiac care unit, nurses can alleviate family depression by providing information support.

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