Shahed University

A New Consensus-based Distributed Adaptive Control for Islanded Microgrids

Aref Doroudi | M. Keshavarz | N.M. Dehkordi | Mohammad Hosein Kazemi

Date :  2021/07/01
Publish in :    International Journal of Engineering Transactions A: Basics

Keywords :Adaptive control Distributed control Consensus protocol Disturbances Microgrids Secondary control

Abstract :
This paper proposes a novel distributed adaptive secondary controller for microgrids (MGs) in islanded operation. To enhance the dynamic behaviour of a microgrid considering uncertainties and disturbances, the proposed controller uses a consensus-based adaptive control structure. A novel consensus protocol is proposed to restore the frequency and voltage (f &V) of a microgrid to their rated values. A Lyapunov function is presented to assure the asymptotic stability of the controller and the ultimate boundedness of the global neighborhood consensus error. The nonlinear nature of MGs has been also considered in the algorithm. Unlike other methods in this field that require complete information of distributed generators (DGs), the proposed controller requires only power droop coefficients and is independent of DGs parameters. Different simulations are conducted in MATLAB/SimPower Toolbox on a typical microgrid and under various disturbances to judge the performance of the adaptive controller. The simulation results show the effect of the proposed controller on increasing the resilience of an MG.