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A new approach in the economic design of acceptance sampling plans based on process yield index and Taguchi loss function

Atefe Banihashemi | Mohammad Saber Fallah Nezhad | Amirhossein Amiri

Date :  2021/07/09
Publish in :    Computers & Industrial Engineering
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Keywords :Acceptance Sampling plan; Batch sizing; Economic design; Loss for sample Yield index

Abstract :
Acceptance sampling plan is used for decision making in the field of products quality control. These plans provide the producer and the consumer with decision rules for accepting or rejecting the lot. In this paper, a new approach for the economic design of resubmitted and multiple dependent state (MDS) sampling plans is proposed based on the process yield index considering Taguchi loss function and the average number of sample size , which minimizes the costs related to the yield index . In the proposed model the loss of a batch is considered rather than a single product. Also, the loss of both producer and consumer based on the yield index is minimized simultaneously through solving an optimization model and the parameters of the proposed sampling plans are obtained. The performance of both proposed sampling plans is analyzed and compared in terms of average sample number and total expected loss. The results indicate that both proposed sampling plans show satisfactory performance. Moreover, the advantages of the proposed model over the existing resubmitted and MDS sampling plans are presented. Finally, the application of the proposed model and sampling plans is illustrated through a real case in batch manufacturing processes.