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A new resource allocation method in fog computing via non-cooperative game theory

Houshyar Mohammady Talvar | Hamid Navidi Ghaziani | Afshin Rezakhani | Hamid Haj Seyyed Javadi

Date :  2021/10/05
Publish in :    Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems
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Keywords :Fog computing, resource allocation, IoT, nash equilibrium, auction algorithm

Abstract :
IoT-based network systems use a modern architecture called fog computing, In which data providing data services is economical with low latency. This paper tends to solve the challenge of resource allocation in fog computing. Solving the resource allocation challenge leads to increased profits, economic savings, and optimal computing systems use. Here resource allocation is improved by making use of the combined algorithm Nash equilibrium and auction. In the proposed method, each player is assigned a matrix. Each player matrix includes fog nodes (FNs), data service subscribers (DSSs), and data service operators (DSOs). Each player generates the best strategy based on the other players strategy in all stages of the algorithm. The simulation results show that FNs profit in the combined Nash and Auction equilibrium algorithms is superior to the Stackelberg game algorithm.