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Investigation of different ultrasound treatments on germination indices of rapeseed seeds1

S Dashab | Heshmat Omidi

Date :  2021/05/20
Publish in :    ششمين همايش بين المللي دانش و فناوري علوم کشاورزي ، منابع طبيعي و محيط زيست ايران

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Keywords :کلمات کليدي: امواج، پرايمينگ، درصد جوانهزني، کلزا.

Abstract :
In order to investigate the effect of intensity and duration of ultrasound waves on germination of rapeseed cultivar Modena, an experimental Factorial in the form of a completely randomized design with three replications in the laboratory of Shahed University of Tehran in 7931 . Experimental treatments include different powers of 06, 06 and 7666 watts and ultrasonic waves of 06 and 93 kHz They were 2, 0, 0, 0 and 26 minutes in five times. The results of the experiment indicate that the power treatment is significant in the intensity of the waves Exposure time on germination indices including percentage and germination rate was significant. Rapeseed seed germination percentage In the treatment combination, using ultrasonic waves of 06 and 93 kHz at 766 watts of device power for 2 minutes each Two had an increase of 0.71 compared to the control treatment. Trait correlation showed that between germination indices There was no significant correlation. Based on the present study, it is possible to pre-treat seeds with ultrasound waves of 06 and 93 Recommended 766 kWh to improve seed germination indices.

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