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Dynamic secure multi-keyword ranked search over encrypted cloud data

Parvaneh Asghari | Hamid Haj Seyyed Javadi | Maryam Hozhabr

Date :  2021/04/27
Publish in :    Journal of Information Security and Applications
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Keywords :Searchable, encryptionCloud, computingAccess, controlPrivacy-preservingQuery, verification

Abstract :
Due to increasing volume of stored data in organizations, data owners upload their data to cloud servers. Sensitive data has to be encrypted prior to uploading to the cloud server because of security requirements. Therefore, capable of searching over the encrypted cloud data is a very important issue. One of the most important challenges that must be addressed is to search whole documents to find related documents to a query. In this paper, a scheme is suggested to eliminate the need of searching for whole documents. A secure multi-keyword ranked search method over the encrypted cloud data is introduced that provides dynamic operation on the document collection. Also, access control mechanism is considered in the proposed scheme. The vector space model is employed to B+tree index and query creating. Due to generation of a B+tree-based index structure, search time is getting sub-linear. First, the cloud server is assumed to be “Honest-but-Curious”. Second, it is considered that the data are stored on an untrusted cloud server. The Merkle B-tree (MB-tree) is utilized to verify search results in the presence of access control rules when the cloud server is untrusted. Experiments are conducted using the real world dataset to confirm efficiency and precision of the offered scheme.