Shahed University

Providing a Hybrid Cryptography Algorithm for Lightweight Authentication Protocol in RFID with Urban Traffic Usage Case

Vahid Chegeni | Hamid Haj Seyyed Javadi | Mohammad Reza Moazami Goudarzi | Afshin RezaKhani

Date :  2022/01/05
Publish in :    The ISC International Journal of Information Security

Keywords :Internet of Things (IoT), Authentication, Urban Traffic, RFID Tag, Lightweight Cryptography, Privacy

Abstract :
Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the emerging technologies that enable the connection and transfer of information through communication networks. The main idea of the IoT is the widespread presence of objects such as mobile devices, sensors, and RFID. With the increase in traffic volume in urban areas, the existing intelligent urban traffic management system based on IoT can be vital. Therefore, this paper focused on security in urban traffic based on using RFID. In our scheme, RFID tags chose as the purpose of this article. We, in this paper, present a mutual authentication protocol that leads to privacy based on hybrid cryptography. Also, an authentication process with RFID tags is proposed that can be read at high speed. The protocol has attempted to reduce the complexity of computing. At the same time, the proposed method can withstand attacks such as spoofing of tag and reader, tag tracking, and replay attack