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Effects of potting media on flowering time and important marketing traits of Lily (Lilium spp.) cut flower in soilless culture

Ramin Nickrazm | Ahmad khagkigi | Alizadeh ajirloo | Seyed Jalal Tabatabaei

Date :  2021/06/19
Publish in :    Journal of Plant Physiology and Breeding

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Keywords :Flower traits; Flowering time; Growing medium; Lilium; Soilless culture

Abstract :
ffects of several soilless growing media on the flowering time, flower bud number, flower number, flower size, and stem height of Lilium cut flower was studied. The treatments were arranged as factorial based on a completely randomized design with 10 growing media and two cultivars of Bernini (Oriental) and Ceb Dazzle (Asiatic) using four replications. The growing media were different organic and mineral components as sand, vermiculite, perlite, cocopeat, and their combinations at equal volumes (50:50). Daily fertigation of the pots with 250 ml of the Hougland solution was carried out, which started one week after sowing the bulbs. Growth and development of plants were monitored and the data was recorded accordingly. The results indicated that cocopeat as a culture medium was superior to others in terms of accelerating flowering time, flower bud number per plant, flower number per plant, flower size, and stem height in both cultivars. The earliest flowering was observed on Bernini and Ceb Dazzle CVs. cultivated in sand and vermiculite media, respectively. The media containing cocopeat (50 and 100 percent) yielded the higher flower bud and flower number, flower size, and stem height in comparison to other mixtures.

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