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Narratology of Joseph (AS) story in the Al-Burhan and Al- Durr Al-Manthur interpretations

Tayebeh Hajisoltani | Soraya Ghotbi | Farideh Davodimoghadam

Date :  2022/06/02
Publish in :    اداب الکـوفة

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Keywords :Interpretive narrations , Al- Burhan , Al-Durr Al-Manthur , Narratology , Joseph (AS) story

Abstract :
Interpretive narrations are full of stories that highlight the points and teachings of this great educational source with the help of the main plot of Quranic stories; While expressing Quranic themes, it uses structural and content patterns to explain further the divine messages. Narratology is one of the new literary sciences that reveals the narrators purpose in narrating the story by analyzing the hidden layers of the story. With the descriptive-analytical method, the present study aimed to investigate the story elements in the traditional structure of Joseph (AS) fiction in the Al-Burhan and Al-Durr Al- Manthur interpretations. The results indicated that narrators had used the characteristics of the story, including perspective, time, personality, context, presenting a speech to convey religious concepts and the importance of prayer and communication with God. From the narratology, the questioned prayers in two exegeses centralize the narration. They show the importance of this act in the narration and remembering God in all circumstances, especially in lifes complex and challenging cases. The primary role of interpretive narrations in understanding the purposes of the Holy Quran is to explain in detail and fill in the blanks of the main story in the Holy Quran, and making a connection between the story and the world outside the story.