Shahed University

Application of h -adaptivity to the interface current collision probability method

O. Safarzadeh

Date :  2016/05/06
Publish in :    Annals of Nuclear Energy
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Keywords :Adaptive h-refinement Error estimation Transport equation Interface current collision probability

Abstract :
In this paper, we presented an adaptive algorithm for the interface current collision probability method. The algorithm is based on a posteriori estimation scheme to obtain the residual errors in the problem of interest. The discretization error is obtained by a flux gradient approach based on the net current leakage of nodes, and also by the local balance formulated through the residual of the particle conservation equation. To implement the adaptive approach, a computer program has been developed to solve the Boltzmann transport equation (BTE). The suitability of the adaptive refinement strategy is demonstrated by performing a series of numerical experiments in a simple shielding problem and reactor core geometry that exhibit strong heterogeneity and flux gradients. The effectiveness of the method is assessed by comparing the number of meshes required with that necessary using uniform refinement to indicate what savings can be achieved by adaptive refinement.