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In vivo wound healing activity of a herbal ointment in rat

Manizheh Karami | Mohammadreza Jalali Nadoushan          Darab Yazdani          Samira Gravand

Date :  2016/06/22
Publish in :    Research Journal of Pharmacognosy

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Keywords :Fibrinolysin/DNAse, herbal ointment, rat, skin, wound healing

Abstract :
Background and objectives: The wounds are still the health tribulations at the present time. In the present research the effect of a new herbal ointment (Oppyheal) in treatment of rat’s wound has been investigated. The effectiveness of the ointment was compared with the Fibrinolysin/DNAse. Methods: Fifty four male Wistar rats were used. The wound was created on the back cervical skin of the animals under anesthesia in three different sizes. The animals in each size group were randomly divided into three groups. The control group did not receive the ointments. The reference group was given the Fibrinolysin/DNAse and the third group was treated with the Oppyheal. The products were topically used once per day until the wounds of one group were completely healed. The size of the wound area was measured in days 0-20 by a standard reference ruler. The reduction in size of the wound was calculated and analyzed. The recovered skin of all animals were examined histologically, p0.05 was considered as significant. Results: The results showed a significant difference in wound contraction between the treated groups and the control group (p0.0001). The new skin of ointmenttreated rats showed healing features in comparison to the control group. Conclusion: This study may introduce a suitable topical ointment, Oppyheal, for wound care.

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