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Identification and ranking effective factors on the health promotion of country official system by using ANP method

Abdolreza Beyginia | Sanaz Ghotbi vaegan

Date :  2016/04/18
Publish in :    International Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies

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Keywords :Identification, effective, promotion, country

Abstract :
Abstract This study was done with the aim of identification and ranking factors affecting on the health promotion of the official system. Initially effective factors through the study of literature on the subject of study recognized, and then by organizational and academic experts were screened as the desired statistical population in the original questionnaire. Relations between the final elements by using the questionnaire of correlation matrix were determined and in form of a paired questionnaire were to determine the rankings. This research is applied in terms of purpose and it is considered as descriptive in terms of methodology. The validity of questionnaire was approved by an academic experts group, and its reliability was approved according to the compatibility rate that was less than (0.1). By analyzing data from paired questionnaires and by utilizing the ANP method, organizational factors had higher rank compared to other factors, and environmental and individual factors in order obtained next ranks. Monitoring and internal control system, establishment and development of electronic systems, economical factors, and official transparency are placed as top priority among 21 sub-factors affecting on promotion of country official system health. Keywords: official system health, organizational factors, individual factors, environmental factors, ANP.