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Circuit-level implementation of quantum-dot VCSELmonth

Mohammad Shakerpour | Kamyar Saghafi | Mohsen Jalali | Mohammad Yavari

Date :  2016/07/01
Publish in :    Optical and Quantum Electronics

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Keywords :implementation

Abstract :
In this paper, for the first time a circuit model of quantum dot InGaAs–GaAs VCSEL including thermal effects is presented. The model is able to predict L-I characteristics for a range of ambient temperatures that the simulation results reveal a good agreement with experimental data reported in literatures. Also the effects of carrier dynamics on the QD-VCSEL performance are simulated that is accordance with results reported by other researcher. The parameters affecting high-speed optical modulation techniques, particularly on–off keying, such as turn-on delay, relaxation oscillations frequency (f ro ) and cutoff frequency for different level modulation currents are investigated. The model is compatible with circuit analysis programs.

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