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The Effect of Individual Creativity Habits on Time Management

Moslem Haghi Karam Allah | Moslem haghikaram Allah | Abdolreza Beyginia

Date :  2016/07/02
Publish in :    International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Research

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Keywords :Management

Abstract :
ABSTRACT This study aimed to identify the impact of individual creativity habits on time management in Lorestan Province Gas Company.Individual creativity habits (tolerance of ambiguity, listening to the inner voice, lateral thinking for assumptions, ideas collection and development, ideas prevent the rapid evaluation, step comparison, welcome to fortuity) was considered as the independent variable, and time management was considered as the dependent variable.Data collection was conducted by two valid and reliable questionnaireswhichhave been used in previous studies, after some adjustmentsin propositions and retest their reliability and validity in order to measure individual creativity habits and time management. Cronbachs alpha reliability coefficient for both questionnaires calculated as0.88 and 0.92 respectively.Based on the correlation method, survey data were analyzed with SPSS software and multiple regression, Pearson test and Friedman ranking test, were also used.Test results of the hypotheses in the confidence level of 0.95 confirmed four hypotheses of the seven hypotheses of the study. But enough reasons to confirm three other hypotheses were not authenticated.In general, the overall impact of individual creativity habits on time management was approved. Keywords: individual creativity habits, time management, Lorestan Province Gas Company