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The Presence of Iran, India, South Korea and China in science arena during 1999 to 2009

Noroozi Chakoli         Abdolreza | Nourmohammadi         Hamzehali | Hassanzadeh         Mohammad | Chehrenegar         Leila

Date :  2010/10/19
Publish in :    Sixth International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics:Scientometrics and Science and Society & 11th COLLNET Meeting

Keywords :Presence, India, South, Korea, China, arena, during

Abstract :
Abstract Since it is essential for the research policy makers to acquire knowledge about the global ranks of their countries in different subject areas, scientometrics experts have been always ranking and analyzing countries on the basis of ‘total number of papers’, ‘total number of citations’ and ‘citations per paper’, etc. In this paper, the data in Essential Science Indicators (ESI) has been used to analyze and evaluate the global ranks of Iran, China, South Korea and India. These countries had a similar growth trend in many indicators of science and technology in the past; however, they achieved different international ranks in different subject areas in the last decade. This article mainly deals with the extent of presence of these countries in different subject areas, their international global ranks and comparing them with each other. Key Words: Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), Essential Science Indicators (ESI), Iran, China, South Korea, India, Ranking, Papers, Citations, and Citations per Paper

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