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The study investigates the factors encouraging patrons of public libraries (case study: Masjed Soleiman, Iran

Noroozi Chakoli         Abdolreza | Omydian         Mehrdad

Date :  2016/07/15
Publish in :    Journal of Management and Social Studies

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Keywords :patrons, public, libraries, Masjed, Soleiman

Abstract :
ABSTRACT This study aimed to identify practical and encouraging the study of public library patrons city of masjed soleiman and a descriptive survey research was conducted. The study population consisted of 345 individuals attending public library is the city of masjed soleiman the findings showed that nearly 90 percent of the participants to study the textbooks refer to the library. Study incentives participants in the research and encouraging factors of there is a significant relationship to the study. Between education level clients and agents persuasiveness no significant relationship. The factors encouraging the public library patrons city of masjed soleiman the study are as follows: services free library (9/82), family (8/76), having a good library of books and asking people (4/68) cheap price of the book (7/61), close to library location (7/59), librarians (58), ethics and faith collide accountant (2/56), the time study in the schools (1/51) , are equipped libraries and librarians in school full-time (8/36). Keywords: factors encouraging the study of public libraries.

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