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Investigate factors related to the study of public library patrons city of Masjed Soleiman, Iran

Noroozi Chakoli         Abdolreza | Omydian         Mehrdad

Date :  2016/06/15
Publish in :    International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Research

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Keywords :Investigate, related, public, patrons, Masjed, Soleiman

Abstract :
Abstract This study aims to identify factors inhibiting functional and masjed soleiman city study of public library patrons and the method is descriptive survey. The study population consisted of 345 individuals attending public library is the city of masjed soleiman, a year before the study had at least one public library membership masjed soleiman city. The findings showed that nearly 90 percent of the study participants to study the textbooks refer to the library. Study incentives participants and inhibitors of the study there was a significant relationship. Between the client education and preventive factors no significant relationship was observed. The most important factors inhibiting the public library patrons city of masjed soleiman as follows: lack of motivation for the study (9/73), according to the order and the planning department of life and underestimating the allocation of time to study (6/51), lack of required books and favorite libraries and bookstores (3/49), lack of understanding and feeling the need to study as a necessity (5/45) absence public libraries residential area and work (1/46), intellectual and cultural orientation toward economic issues and not respecting the knowledge (5/45), expensive to be book and the allocation of costs for the study of the problems of families (9/44 . Keywords: inhibiting factors of the study, study, public libraries.

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