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A review of trusted computing new technologies and providing solutions for using these technologies in electronic health

Mohammadali Doostari | Salimeh Yasari Zare | KhadijehSadat Hosseini | Maryam meyayi

Date :  2016/08/17
Publish in :    3rd International conference on Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering

Keywords :technologies, providing, solutions, technologies

Abstract :
The concept of trusted computing and its technologies, such as TPM, more than a decade that has been used in personal computers and servers. But only in recent years, the application of these concepts in mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, has been proposed. For implementation of e-health applications which containing patient medical data, electronic payment applications, electronic identity cards and etc. on mobile devices, security and privacy are the most important concern that, it will not be possible without a trusted computing environment to store and run the applications. But, deployment of the TPM hardware chip for providing trusted computing on embedded and mobile devices, due to limitation of resources is not possible. Many efforts have been made that the mobile phone as a trusted computing machine, in a variety of electronic systems like e-payment and e-health can be used. In this study, we reviewed the major technologies providing trusted computing, Including TPM, TPM mobile, TEE, and the efforts taken to use them.Then, we will provide the new solutions using these technologies to secure mobile as a platform in electronic health system. Keywords Trusted Platform Module (TPM), Mobile Trusted Module (MTM), Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) , Trusted Computing , Mobile TPM , ehealth , Smart card

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