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A New Secure e-Health Structure Based On Mobile Trusted Computing

Mohammadali Doostari | Salimeh Yasari Zare

Date :  2016/07/12
Publish in :    1st international conference new perspective in Electrical and computer Engineering

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Keywords :Structure, Trusted, Computing

Abstract :
In this research work, a new structure is presented for eHealth in a country. In this structure, patients Personal Health Records (PHR) is fully stored on the 3 national, provincial, and patients mobile phone levels. Secure communication between these three levels is provided with safe communications technologies such as NFC, VPN, and SSL/TLS. Security of the 3rd level of the countrys structure (patients mobile phone level), is ensured through integration of the 2 ideas of TPM Mobile and TEE, which together, provide mobile Trusted Computing (TC) objectives. Thus, patients smart phone can be used as an alternative to health smart card for a secure storage of the entire contents of PHR and patients identification information and on the basis of which secure communication protocols are designed for this structure. Then, the security of the proposed protocols is analyzed with a protocol analyzer software named Scyther. Keywords: Mobile security, mobile Health (m-health), TEE, TPM Mobile, eHealth secure protocols

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