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Good Governance According to Nahjolbalaghe Context

Fereshteh Tavakoli Saadat | Abdoreza Beigi Nia | Mohsen Abedi | Akbar Rahnema

Date :  2016/11/29
Publish in :    Journal of Politics and Law
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Abstract :
Abstract Good Governance has a long history of human thought and has proposed in the works of various thinkers. By examining the different theories, we are going the government agency, Required for sure non-infringement any community of human beings. The thought of Imam Ali also how the rule and governance in an appropriate manner, has been attending. This article has been extracted from Research on noble Nahjolbalaghe and to assess components of governance had paid from the sight of Imam Ali. Using content analysis, Statements related to governance derived from Nahjolbalaghe and then encrypt the data and using the software SPSS, the data have been analyzing. The final study Extraction and compilation of eleven components: The rule of law, Justice, and Anti-oppression, equality, participation, Self-regulatory Instead of monitoring people, preparing the groundwork to move people toward God, Clarifying public opinion, preparation for a healthy and dynamic economy, manage life’s value of a poor class of Society, Social security and accountability to God and the people. These are Indicators that Imam Ali believed are required for Good governance in the society. Keywords: Imam Ali PBUH, governance, good governance, Nahjolbalaghe