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Clients Attitude towards Surrogate Mother Right in Mostafa Khomeini Hospital

Kobra khajavi Shojaie | Ashraf Pirasteh | Lموحد بهرامی | Masood Shahbazi

Date :  2017/05/21
Publish in :    The 2nd International Congress on Reproductive Health and Childbearing

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Keywords :Clients, towards, Surrogate, Right, Mostafa, Khomeini, Hospital

Abstract :
Clients Attitude towards Surrogate Mother Right in Mostafa Khomeini Hospital Background: Surrogacy is one of the technologies associated with infertility treatment. Surrogacy laws and legal regulations in the world map show that our country is among the areas where the situation is unclear and without supervision. While in Western European countries such as Germany and some states of America and the countries of East Asia and Japan is illegal. The aim of this study was to determine Clients Attitude towards surrogacy from a legal point in Mostafa Khomeini Hospital. Methods: This study was a descriptive cross-sectional survey that was conducted in 2016. The participants included 216 people when received the questionnaire. Results: In this study, 216 people, including 77 males and 139 women participated, with an average age of 36.18±1 years. For correct use of the procedure, 72/6 of participants agreed with civil and criminal laws by executive fiat. But just the 30/5 of the participants, for surrogate mother, such as foster mother, wanted a legal right. 30/6 participants believed that established a legal right Mather Surrogate to avoid future problems. 52/8 of participants believed likely to have emotional problems for the surrogate mother if the right to mother is not there. Conclusion: The results show, the majority of participants agreed with the legalization of this issue to prevent future problems, but do not know the nature and quality of legislation. So, strong and precise laws have to be enacted, to the complexity of the problems in this issue. Key words: Infertility, Surrogate Mothers, Civil Rights, Attitude, pregnancy.

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