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Macrophage cell viability after treatment with some Allium species from Iran

Hosseinpur Z | Tayebeh Radjabian | Tooba Ghazanfari | Zarre-Mobarakeh Sh | Soleymankhani M | Fotovvat M | Hatami H

Date :  2016/04/29
Publish in :    13th International Congress of Immunology and Allergy of Iran

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Keywords :Bulb extract, Macrophage viability, Allium species

Abstract :
Introduction: Identification and application of immuno-modulators in natural ingredients can be effective in immune regulation. Macrophages are the cell components of innate immune system. In the present study, the aqueous extract effects of selective Allium species on the viability of these cells were examined. Materials and Methods: Fresh bulbs of seven wild Allium species were collected from their natural habitats and the bulbs of cultivated A. sativum were supplied from a field in Hamadan. Aqueous extracts of the fresh bulbs were prepared. Macrophages were isolated from mice peritoneum. The acquired cell pellet was cultured in RPMI/FBS. Different concentrations of aqueous extracts were added to the cell cultures and cell viability was measured by MTT assay. Results: Based on the obtained results, significant differences (P0.05) were observed among the aqueous extracts of Allium species in some concentrations on viability of macrophages. The results showed that bulb extracts of A. sativum at 1, A. jesdianum at 0.1, A. Iranicum at 1 and 0.01, A. lenkoranicum at 0.1, A. elburzens at 0.01 and 0.001, A. asarense at 0.001 and 0.0001, A. scabriscapum at 0.0001 had stimulatory effects and A. elburzens at 1 and A. stipitatum at 0.1 mg/mL had inhibitory effects on viability of macrophages. Conclusion: Our findings approved that the bulb extracts of all the examined Allium species had stimulatory or inhibitory effects on viability of macrophages in different concentrations, among them the best stimulatory results were obtained for A. elburzens, followed by A. asarense and A. Iranicum in low concentrations.

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