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The effect of Nigella Sativa essential oil on enhancement of the NK activity in mice with BCL-1 induced cancer

Hosseini Fs | Mohammadreza Jalali Nadoushan | Tayebeh Radjabianant | Yaraee R

Date :  2016/04/29
Publish in :    13th International Congress of Immunology and Allergy of Iran

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Keywords :Nigella Sativa, essential oil, NK activity, cancer

Abstract :
Introduction: Nigella sativa L., commonly named black seed, has long been used in traditional medicine to treat different types of cancers. In this study, the potential immune-modulatory and anti-leukemic effects of orally administered N. sativa essential oil (NSEO) were investigated in mice with BCL-1- induced leukaemia. Materials and Methods: 15 female BALB/c mice were divided into three groups (n = 5). Two groups were received 5106 BCL-1 cells and treated with either NSEO (treated group) or solvent (untreated group) for 3 weeks. The third group received only NSEO (black seed control group). The blood leukocytes were counted in blood smear. NK activity in splenocytes against YAC-1tumor cells was assessed by LDH release assay. Results: It was demonstrated that the volatile oil of N. sativa significantly enhanced NK activity in treated group at both 5:1and 10:1 E:T ratio (P 0.05).The results showed that the percent of lymphocytes in untreated group significantly augmented compared to two other groups and treatment with NSEO decreased the number of cancer lymphocytes in peripheral blood. Conclusion: The results of the current study indicated that part of anticancer mechanism of NSEO in vivo could be attributed to its effect on NK activity and it could be considered as a promising agent for the treatment of cancers.

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