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The effect of peer support group on self-transcendence in patients undergoing haemodialysis

Maryam Jadid-Milani | Parastoo Amiri | Marjan Vejdani | Hamid Salehiniya | Akram Malek-Khahi

Date :  2017/03/20
Publish in :    Biomedical Research and Therapy
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Keywords :patients, undergoing, haemodialysis

Abstract :
Introduction: Self-transcendence helps patients undergoing haemodialysis to organize the variety of challenges caused by the disease in order to make them feel well. This study was conducted to determine the effect of counterpart group on improving selftranscendence level in patients undergoing haemodialysis. Materials and Methods: This clinical trial was conducted with two groups of intervention and control, with 55 patients undergoing hemodialysis. The samples were divided in 2 groups of intervention and control through block randomization. Two-hour counterpart group sessions were held for eight weeks for intervention group. The sessions topics were based on the patients’ needs and interests. Research tools were questionnaire, demographic information and Reed’s Self-Transcendence Scale (STS). The descriptive and inferential statistics were used for data analysis using the SPSS v18. Results: There was a significant difference between self-transcendence scores in two groups of intervention and control (P0.05). A significant increase in the level of self-transcendence in both groups was seen at the end of the study compared to basal status (P0.05).