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L-NAME inhibitory effect on ovarian cysts induced by morphine after the administration of drug in mid-ventral hypothalamus of Wistar rats

Shima Kakavand | Manizheh Karami

Date :  2017/05/20
Publish in :    The 3rd International Congress on Reproduction-ISERB 2017

Keywords :Morphine, NAME –L, Polycystic ovary, Rats

Abstract :
Introduction: Polycystic ovary syndrome is a kind of complication in the reproductive system causing infertility. L- NAME is a competitive inhibitor for Nitric oxide (NO) synthase enzyme which can antagonize the effects of NO, the pro-inflammatory mediator involved in cyst induction by morphine. This study examines the interaction of morphine / L-NAME in ventro-medial hypothalamus of Wistar rat. Materials and Methods: Animals were Wistar rats weighing 200 – 250 g used as virgin material. Morphine (0.001 to 0.4 micrograms / rat) was microinjected into the ventro-medial hypothalamus of rats (nucleus coordinates AP: -1.96). L NAME (0.1 to 0.4 micrograms / rat) was injected alone or pre-injected. In the latter process, L NAME (0.1 - 0.4 micrograms / rat) was administered prior to morphine (0.4 micrograms / rat). The precursor of nitric oxide (L-arginine- 0.1 to 0.4 micrograms / rat) in an independent process was injected into the nucleus alone or in competition with L NAME. The control group received only saline. After completion of the experiments, the animals were anesthetized and after surgery, the ovaries were collected and investigated. Results: The ovaries of morphine rceivedc rats showed polycystic view. The number of cysts was significantly decreased in samples pretreated L NAME. Also reducing effect on cyst by L NAME intervention in the group receiving L-arginine was obtained. Conclusion: Probably the polycystic ovary syndrome is induced in rat due to interaction of opioid receptors and morphine at the core of the mid-ventral hypothalamus and because of activation of enzyme NO synthase; the problem which is stopped by inhibition of this enzyme. key words:

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