Shahed University

using molecular data to test the monophy of lallemantia in the subtribe nepetinae(Mentheae, lamiaceae

Asghar Kamrani | mehr shid riyahi

Date :  2017/08/02
Publish in :    Plant Biosystems - An International Journal Dealing with all Aspects of Plant Biology

Keywords :molecular, monophy, subtribe, nepetinae, Mentheae, lamiaceae

Abstract :
Phylogenetic relationships among the species of Lallemantia and its close allies (Lamiaceae, Mentheae) were investigated using nuclear (ITS) and plastid (trnL, trnL/F, trnS/G, rpl32, and rpl32-trnL) DNA sequences. Phylogenetic results from Bayesian and parsimony analyses show that (1) Lallemantia is monophyletic, (2) Hymenocrater is nested within Nepeta, and (3) Lallemantia is more closely related to Dracocephalum than other genera in Nepetinae. Based on the molecular results, the genus Lallemantia comprises two disparate lineages, with each lineage supported by distinct morphological characters (e.g. floral structures and pollen grains).