Shahed University

Three-dimensional cohesive fracture modeling of non-planar crack growth using adaptive FE technique

A.R. Khoei | H. Moslemi | M. Sharifi

Date :  2012/09/01
Publish in :    Internatioal Journal of Solids and Structures

Keywords :Three-dimensional, fracture, technique

Abstract :
In this paper, the three-dimensional adaptive finite element modeling is presented for cohesive fracture analysis of non-planer crack growth. The technique is performed based on the Zienkiewicz–Zhu error estimator by employing the modified superconvergent patch recovery procedure for the stress recovery. The Espinosa–Zavattieri bilinear constitutive equation is used to describe the cohesive tractions and displacement jumps. The 3D cohesive fracture element is employed to simulate the crack growth in a nonplanar curved pattern. The crack growth criterion is proposed in terms of the principal stress and its direction. Finally, several numerical examples are analyzed to demonstrate the validity and capability of proposed computational algorithm. The predicted crack growth simulation and corresponding loaddisplacement curves are compared with the experimental and other numerical results reported in literature.

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