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Application of TLBO Algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimization of DVR Controller

Saeed Seyedtabaii | Pouria Maghouli | Hamed Fasihi Pour

Date :  2017/07/30
Publish in :    International Conference on Basic Research in Electrical Engineering

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Keywords :Algorithm, Optimization, DVR, Controller

Abstract :
Access to high quality power is one of the goals in electric power networks. Any perturbation to power distribution systems results in voltage disturbances. Thus, in order to mitigate these disturbances on sensitive consumers, various measures and devices could be implemented. In this paper, Dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) is used to handle voltage variations of sensitive loads. In order to regulate PI controller’s coefficients, a combination of multi-objective teaching-learning-based optimization (TLBO) and fuzzy membership function is employed to simultaneously optimize voltage THD and sag in sensitive loads. Effectiveness of the hybrid method is validated by simulations.

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