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Gold nanoparticles show an improvement of myelin in the rats corpus callosum exposed to microinjection of L-Arginine

Mahjabin Khosravi Bonjar | Manizheh Karami | Mohammadreza Jalali Nadoushan | Abazar Hajnorouzi

Date :  2017/12/20
Publish in :    ششمين کنگره علوم اعصاب پايه و باليني

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Keywords :Multiple sclerosis, L-Arginine, Corpus callosum, Gold nanoparticle, Rat

Abstract :
Background and Aim : : Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disabling chronic disease of the nervous system in which the myelin system of the central nervous system is deteriorated. This study aimed to evaluate for improvement of demyelination induce by microinjection of L-Arginine into the rat’s corpus callosum with gold nanoparticles. Methods : In this study, the L-Arginine as a precursor of nitric oxide (NO) with the assumption of an inflammatory demyelinating resonator and axon injury was directly injected into corpus callosum (cc) of adult Wistar male rat. To do this, skull was cannulated according to the coordinates of corpus callosum. Fallowing one week recovery the animals were injected I-Arginine (0/05-3 μg/rat, intra-corpus callosum) once per day through a 3-5 day period. Gold nanoparticles (0/001-0/01 μg/rat, intra-corpus callosum) alone or prior to the injection of L-Arginine injected intra corpus callosum for 3-5 day. Control group solely received saline intra-corpus callosum. In the end of experiments the brains were collected and studied histopathologically using myelin specific staning (luxol fast blue). Results : Lonely injection of NO producer intra-corpus callosum caused myelin destruction while gold nanoparticles in low doses had no significant effect. They showed no demyelination evidence when used with together. Conclusion : The NO pro-inflammatory may be responsive into the brain to induce demyelination. The application of gold nanoparticles regardless to their heavy metal may have an improvement effect on demyelination induced by micro injection of L-Arginine.


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