Shahed University

Hermeneutics in the Mystical Interpretations

Farideh Davoodi Moghaddam | Soraya Ghotbi

Date :  2018/01/10
Publish in :    Modern Journal of Language Teaching Methods

Keywords :Interpretations

Abstract :
Interpreters and mystics have discussed much about the motif of Verse 260 at Surah Baqara in which God shows Abraham (a.s.), the enlivenment of the dead through killing and giving life to four birds.Mystics have made a spiritual interpretation of this Qur’anic tale which is mostly used to prove the physical resurrection and assembling of the dead. They have sometimes given it a fully symbolic and allegorical aspect, and similar to these interpretations are also observed in non-mystical exegetical texts. In this research, the Verse 260 of Surah Baqara has been extracted from different exegetical and mystical texts. Then, their common and different features and also mystic and non-mystic interpreters’ diverse viewpoints about them have been studied and analyzed. This research shows that some of the Qur’anic interpreters in their interpretations have been under the influence of Sufis prose texts. It also indicates the ability, creativity and efforts of the mystics, interpreters and poets in growing different meaning inspired from the prevailing Qur’anic tales, and adding exquisite points, beautiful and exciting spiritual esoteric interpretation to these tales and traditions