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A power-performance tunable logic with adjustable threshold pseudo-dynamic building blocks and CMOS compatibility

Hanieh Ghaffarishad | Naser Mohammadzadeh | M.B. Ghaznavi-Ghoushchi

Date :  2018/01/23
Publish in :    International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications
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Keywords :logic, building, blocks, CMOS

Abstract :
The continued downscaling of CMOS technology has resulted in very high performance devices, but power dissipation is a limiting factor on this way. Power and performance of a device are dependent on process, temperature, and workload variation that makes it impossible to find a single power optimal design. As a result, adaptive power and performance adjustment techniques emerged as attractive methods to improve the effective power efficiency of a device in modern design approaches. Focusing on this issue, in this paper, a novel logic family is proposed that enables tuning the transistors effective threshold voltage after fabrication for higher speed or lower power. This method along with dynamic voltage scaling allows simultaneous optimization of static and dynamic power based on the workload requirement. The externally static topology of the proposed logic makes it possible to replace static circuits without requiring significant changes in the system. Experimental results obtained using 90-nm CMOS standard technology show that the proposed logic improves the average power-delay product by about 40 for the attempted benchmarks.