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Generation and transmission equipment maintenance scheduling by transmission switching and phase shifting transformer

Hamid Behnia | Mahdi Akhbari

Date :  2018/08/24
Publish in :    International Journal of Numerical Modelling: Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields
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Keywords :Generation, maintenance, scheduling, transformer

Abstract :
This paper models and investigates the incorporation of economic transmission switching (TS) into generation and transmission equipment maintenance scheduling (GTEMS) with the presence of phase shifting transformers. Adding TS and phase shifting transformer to the traditionally static transmission system makes it more flexible. The N‐1 secure GTEMS with TS problem is formulated as a mixed‐integer linear programming model. This problem is hard to solve by off‐the‐shelf commercial optimization solvers because on the one hand maintenance scheduling variables couple several time intervals together and on the other hand TS variables link normal and contingency states. A solution approach is proposed in this paper to address the problems high computational burden, which decomposes the problem into a GTEMS subproblem and an optimal TS subproblem and solves them iteratively. The proposed model and decomposition approach are implemented on IEEE 30‐bus test system. The results demonstrate that considering TS in GTEMS alters the maintenance schedule and brings cost saving.

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