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Department : Islamic Sciences
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●  The Principle of Respect for Individual Autonomy and Quranic Anthropology
   ◂ Hassan Moradi, Gholamreza Maarefi
   ✔ 2020/03/07  1398/12/17
    اخلاق زیستی
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●  Epistemic-Behavioral Strategies for Promoting Mental Health of Community from the Qurans Viewpoint
   ◂ Gholamreza Maarefi, Seyyed Shahab-al-Din Hosseini
   ✔ 2020/02/22  1398/12/03
    International Journal of Multicultural and Multireligious Understanding
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●  A Critique on the Usage of Mosher’s Sexual Guilt Scale in Psychology and Psychiatry Researches in Islamic Societies: Cultural Differences in the Meaning of Sexual Guilt
   ◂ Gh. Maarefi , Ahmadi, Hatami, Rashidi
   ✔ 2020/02/01  1398/11/12
    International Journal of Multicultural and Multireligious Understanding
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●  The Autonomy Principle in Islamic Medical Ethics, with an Emphasis on the Qur?nic Views
   ◂ Ali Hassannia, Gholamreza Maarefi
   ✔ 2019/10/09  1398/07/17
    Journal of Contemporary Islamic Studies
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●  Which Is The Most Determinative In Emergency Cases? Patient Autonomy or Physicians Decision: A Clinical Case-Study
   ◂ Ahia Garshasbi, Siamak Afshinmajd, Shiva Rafati, Gholamreza Maarefi, Mohammadreza Yektaey, Nafiseh Zafarghandi, Parvin Delavar, Seyed Mortaz
   ✔ 2018/10/13  1397/07/21
    اخلاق و تاریخ پزشکی

●  Cognitive relgious Starategy of Surah M obarakeh Fajr in Achiveing Serenity and Confidence
   ◂ Hasan Asgharpour, Gholamreza Maarefi
   ✔ 2018/05/22  1397/03/01
    قران و طب=Quran and Medicine
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●  Cardiovascular Effects of Olive, a Qur’anic Fruit
   ◂ Reza Norouzadeh, M.R. Heidari, Reza Norouzadeh, Gholamreza Maarefi
   ✔ 2016/03/20  1395/01/01
    طب سنتی اسلام و ایران

●  Medical professionalism and Islamic teachings
   ◂ Athar Moin, Gholamreza Maarefi
   ✔ 2014/07/11  1393/04/20
    اخلاق پزشکی
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●  the study of medical ethics Basics of shiite thoughts and Ideolog in the verses of the Holy Qoran and Traditions Quoted from Nahjlbalagheh
   ◂ Gholamreza Maarefi
   ✔ 2009/10/23  1388/08/01
    دانشور پزشکی- دانشور سابق
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●  بررسی سلامت جنسی زوجین وشیوه های تامین ان در اندیشه شیعی بر اساس احادیث کتاب وسائل الشیعه
   ◂ Gholamreza Maarefi
   ✔ 2008/12/21  1387/10/01
    دانشور پزشکی- دانشور سابق
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●  ده مورد در اخلاق پزشکی(افزایش امتیاز)

●  Islam and

●  Government and leadership in Nahjolbalagheh


●  Explaining the sexual health of women in the Quran and the Oriental
   ◂ حنانه عظیمی

●  اثار دینداری در زندگی انسان با تکیه بر نظر علامه طباطبایی
   ◂ انسیه ناطقی

●  مهارت های زندگی از دیدگاه پیامبر اعظم با تاکید بر احادیث شریف نهج الفصاحه
   ◂ غلامرضا عبدی

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