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Integrated generation and transmission maintenance scheduling by considering transmission switching

Hamid Behnia | Mahdi Akhbari

Date :  2018/12/21
Publish in :    International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems
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Keywords :Integrated, maintenance, scheduling

Abstract :
This paper models and investigates the incorporation of economic transmission switching (TS) into integrated generation and transmission maintenance scheduling (IMS) and the effect of transmission switching on integrated maintenance scheduling (IMSwTS). To ensure security of power system over maintenance horizon, N‐1 criteria is considered in the model. The N‐1 secure IMSwTS problem is formulated as a mixed‐integer linear programming model (MILP). The MILP model of this paper cannot be solved with commercial solver in a reasonable time; therefore, with the aim of solving high computational burden, the model is decomposed into TS subproblem and IMS subproblem, and each subproblem variables related to other subproblem is fixed. The proposed model and decomposition approach are implemented on IEEE modified 24‐bus reliability test system and solved by using the CPLEX solver under GAMS modeling environments. The results demonstrate that considering TS in IMS alters the maintenance schedule and brings cost saving.

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