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Inductance variations on performance of linear reluctance accelerators and appropriate selecting of projectile to increase launcher performance

Seyed Amin Fazljoo | Mohammadreza Besmi | S.Amin.Fazljoo | S.Morteza Banihashemi         Mohammadreza Besmi

Date :  2016/02/17
Publish in :    سومين کنفرانس ملي و اولين کنفرانس بين المللي پژوهش هاي کاربردي در مهندسي برق، مکانيک و مکاترونيک

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Keywords :Inductance, variations

Abstract :
Linear reluctance motors have many applications due to their simple structure.A set of them are linear reluctance accelerators .These motors have simple structure and yet are difficult to design. One of the important parameters in such motors is inductance and its variotions during displacement of the rotor. This paper has examined inductance calculation methods and the way of changing inductance regarding to rotor dimension and has compared the results by femm software. Also it has been shown that calculation relation between force and inductance variotions can be generalized regardless of the length of the coil and the rotor. By increasing the length of the rotor , maximum inductance will increase and rotor output speed will decrease.It is shown that , a slight increase in the length of the rotor will improve performance.

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