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The choice of sliding surface for robust roll control: Better suppression of high angle of attack/sideslip perturbations

ْS. Seyedtabaii         M. Delavari

Date :  2018/04/01
Publish in :    International journal of Micro Air Vehicles

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Abstract :
The nominal aerodynamic parameters of aircraft are often approximate and aircraft may experience high value of angle of attack/sideslip perturbations during their manoeuvres. Preventing instability and air crash requires a robust controller capable of containing the dynamic uncertainty and the perturbations. In this respect, the problems of roll control in such a situation are studied and a better choice of sliding surface is proposed. Sliding mode control manages the uncertainty and adaptive fuzzy is employed to shape the transient response. As a result, a setup is formed which outperforms the basic controller both in terms of transient speed, response robustness and control effort. The strength of the method is more appreciated in case of high angle of attack/sideslip perturbed manoeuvres. This is proved theoretically and illustrated by simulations.

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